welcome to Letters from Letty. surprise gifts mailed to you from australia's best designers, artists & brands. close

welcome to Letters from Letty!
your key to australian artists, designers and brands.

what’s the deal-i-o?

how does this work?
like that spark that you get when an unexpected parcel (that’s not an ugly bill) arrives in your letterbox? get friendly with Letty to receive australian-made surprises!

what’s so special?

what makes it special?where possible, Letty works with artists and designers to provide special gifts only available for subscribers.

how much does it cost?

how much does this cost?sign up for a Letty ‘taste tester’ or if you want the gifts to ‘keep on coming’ we have something to suit. just sign up before the closing date of any month to get in on the action.

sharing is caring

contact us and share this servicewant to let your family and friends know about Letty? feel free to spread the love… Letty is on pinterest, facebook, twitter & she blogs regularly – just to name a few!